Visual Snapshot Testing

Render UI components, whole pages and arbitrary web content with ease.

Ship UI updates with confidence

Write simple tests
Shutter renders component, saves snapshot
Re-run after updates to re-render and compare
Tests will fail on snapshot mismatch
Update expectations if changes were intended

Write regression tests

Write visual tests using Mocha, Jest, AVA, ... with only a few lines of code.
Rendering React.js components works out of the box.

Use your favorite Continuous Integration system to run the tests.
We support Travis CI, Circle CI, GitLab & Jenkins!

Shutter React component test

Command Line Tool

Did your UI change? Update snapshots using a single command.
Interactively select the snapshots to update from within your terminal.

Using npx you can run the CLI tool even without prior installation!

Shutter command line tool


There is no pricing yet, but here is what you can expect:

  • There will always be a free plan
  • Increased resource limits for ~ $10 per month
  • You will need a paid plan for private snapshots
  • There will be team features

Closed Alpha Testing

Shutter is in closed alpha testing phase right now.
You need an invitation to use it. Ping us if you are interested!

We ♥ Open Source

Have an exciting OSS project, but no budget?
Large open source projects can apply for free premium features.